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Pentagram Chalice

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Handmade chalices by Wyn Abbot
This beautiful goblet/chalice has a stem based on a tree trunk, the top is glazed in a blue with the Pentagram symbol on the front.

h 160mm x d 80mm

Please note due to the handmade nature of this item each piece may differ slightly from picture.

Wyn works from her studio on the borders of the Lake District & Yorkshire Dales in the North of England, she works in clay creating stunning sculptures which are RAKU fired and hand thrown stoneware pottery.

The inspiration for Wyn's work comes from a life long interest in ancient cultures and their beliefs and customs.  In particular her work is inspired by Native American, Mayan, and Pre-European Cultures. Wyn incorporates story weaving and philosophies from these cultures to create unique special edition pieces. 

Her work which is rich in symbolism and meaning is created intuitively rather than pre-planned, her love of detail give Wyn's work a sense of richness and depth.

This tool also represents the universal feminine or the womb, especially when combined with the Athame during the symbolic Great Rite. However, in Asatru the chalice is used as a drinking horn for holding sacred mead.

Chalices are used for:

* Invoking the power of the Moon
* Conjuring emotions
* Presenting offerings and pouring libations
* Drinking ritual wine
* Create bonds between coven members
* Proposing toasts



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