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Lady of the Forest Goddess

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Lady of the Forest is the Mythical embodiment of the Feminine side of nature and the companion and partner to the Green Man. The Myth of the Lady of the Forest and the Green Man is an extremely powerful and potent one that encompassess the entire history of the British Isles and can be found in hundreds of tales and legends stretching right back to the time of the Druids and Giants of old Albion.

Most notably it was the basis for the legend of Robin Hood; the Green Man turned into Robin Hood and The Lady of the Forest became Maid Marion.
Today The Lady of the Forest is worshipped by Pagans and Wiccans. She is a nature deity who brings peace and harmony to all those that would pray to her.

Height approx 25 cm (9. 3/4 inches)
Width at its widest part approx 10 cm (4 inches)

Depth approx: 8 cm (3. 1/4 inches)
Bronze finished Resin figurine.


  • Condition: New
  • Weight: 1kg


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