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Corset Red & Black with Spirals - Large

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Crimson Red and Black Swirl Corset and G String Set.

This corset is soft boned for comfort  with front metal busk hook up closure and a black lace up adjustable back. Complete with matching red and black  g string.

This corset looks fabulous with a satin effect brocade, and gives you a beautiful hour glass figure!

Size large

How To Put a Corset on
Loosen the lacing at the back until there is a gap of about 6-8 inches.

Wrap the corset around you making sure it's fitting in the right places and fasten the front hooks starting from top to bottom.

Position yourself in front of a mirror so that you can still see your back and what your doing relatively easily (if you don't have anyone to pull the laces for you)!

Tighten the laces working from both the top and bottom continuing with each until the corset feels snug.

Pull the final longer laces (normally in the middle although sometimes at the bottom) tight with several pulls and tie accordingly.

Important Notes:
  1. If you are wearing stockings or lace-up boots or shoes you will need to put these on before your corset. It can be very difficult to put shoes and stockings on whilst wearing a corset.
  2. Your corset should feel snug - like a comfy hug. Do not over-tighten a new corset, and please do not wear a corset that causes discomfort.
  3. Learning to lace your corset will take practice and coordination. A mirror is helpful in the process.
  4. When removing your corset always untie and loosen the laces before unhooking the front closure. Not doing so may cause damage to the front hooks.


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